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Staffworx's primary focus is to work closely with contractors and help them succeed getting their projects done on time and within budget. We offer 360° support, have a commitment to identify your labor needs and provide industry-leading skilled tradesmen.

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With competition placement success rates (PSR) hovering around 50%, Staffworx has developed a creative business model has been able to achieve success rates well above industry standards in most cases.

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We have streamlined our recruiting process by providing you with well trained, multi-faceted account reps whom are also trained as recruiters. This model allows for a more streamlined, intimate, and detailed approach to filling your construction labor needs. Our Account Managers are well versed in relationship building, labor identification, safety, and most importantly: recruiting. Our sales staff spends 90% of their time networking with quality craftsmen and contractors to find a good quality temporary or permanent placement.

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We service the entire United States with offices located throughout the midwest.


With over 50 years of combined industry experience, building relationships with skilled tradesmen is the epicenter of our business model.

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